The following is from Terry Tovey. She explains her approach and the benefits of yoga in the classroom.

Third Grade Sensory Motor / Yoga Group

My name is Mrs. Tovey and I am thrilled to provide your children with an age appropriate, once a week, yoga class.  I am employed by Supervision District to provide occupational therapy to students warranting those services.  I am also a Yoga Alliance Registered Children’s Yoga Instructor.  The Children’s yoga program I am certified in, and a Lead Trainer for, is Radiant Child Yoga.  I will also be using materials from the Yoga 4 Classrooms program by Lisa Flynn, Educate 2B by Allison Morgan, Brain Gym by Paul & Gail Dennison, and Meditating with Children by Deborah Rozman, PhD.  I value all of these programs because they are developmentally appropriate, fun, and can be done in both a regular classroom setting as well as a setting with more open space.  The benefits of these programs are many.  Physically, these programs help to improve: body awareness, motor planning, coordination, grading of movements, balance, core muscle strength, and right / left brain balancing.  Focus and attention are facilitated through breathing exercises and meditation (moving & stillness).  Relaxation exercises aid in reducing anxiety and stress.  A healthy body, focused mind, and relaxed physiological state prepares a student for ease in learning as well as facilititng positive self esteem.  Each yoga class begins with a centering activity where we focus on our breathing, often promoting abdominal breathing.  The next segment is more active, followed by a relaxation period and meditation.  Yoga games are sometimes played which are always fun and non- competitive.  I love to see the positive changes in students both from the beginning of a yoga class until the end, and even more so, from September to June.  My goal is to provide your children with “tools for life” that they can take with them and use both in school and out.  

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