Language Arts

What readers we have in here! Students have been learning how to choose “just right” books, and what to do with those books. We are emphasizing how important it is to be an active reader. Being an active reader means that students will be thinking about what is happening in their books, how they feel about characters, asking questions, and monitoring their comprehension. Using sticky notes is a wonderful way to represent this thinking.

In writing, we are focusing on personal narratives. Students are learning to generate ideas, independently problem solve when they get “stuck”, and create true stories about something that has happened in their lives. They are encouraged to write about meaningful events and people. Editing and revising is always an important part of the writing process. This is where they focus on grammar, spelling, punctuation, as well as transitions, word choice, and expressing voice within their writing. At the end of the unit, we celebrate by sharing stories with the class.