Noticias de Español

The FLES program is part of Region 4's 5-Year Strategic Planning Process and provides students the opportunities to:

- Make meaningful and purposeful connections through communication and collaboration.

- Analyze and construct arguments based on evidence.

- Develop critical and creative problem-solving strategies.

- Obtain digital literacy and information literacy skills. Here is a few of the things we do to contribute to the process:

- Each Wednesday morning students do the broadcast in Spanish. They talk about the date, the weather, lunch, next day breakfast and do the school promise in Spanish. They present the information to the entire EES community. - Students role play real life situations in Spanish. In third grade they buy fruits from a fruit stand using Colombian pesos. They learn about different currency and value of money.

- Students use chromebooks to create slide shows with vocabulary, videos and other great tools to learn Spanish. Students animate slide shows so other students get a chance to think of possible ways to say something in Spanish.

- Students in sixth grade write their autobiography in Spanish. They learn to use accents and character in Spanish.

Hasta pronto (See you soon)