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                 Ask Me About

                     May 29, 2015



1.  This week, the children were asked to count given sets of squares that came in 1s, 2s, and 5s.  They were told that they could group the squares together to make the counting more efficient, but could not break the squares apart.  They learned to organize the numbers of squares to make counting easier and find different ways to count the same set of squares.


2. This week the children used letter tiles to spell words.  At the beginning of the lesson they were told which letters to pull from their collection of tiles.  They were then given words to spell using only those letters.  Finally, the challenge was to identify the one word that can be spelled using every letter in their identified group.


Ask your child to tell you the 3 words they can spell correctly by using the phrase, “Oh you lucky dog!”


3.   The children have been working with their newly learned interesting words.  They are creating vocabulary cards that include their newly learned word, the definition, a picture representing the word meaning, and a sentence using the new word.  Look for these words to come home in your child’s folder next week.  Ask your child to share their new interesting words with you.  Research shows that when students have 6 multiple exposures to a word in a variety of contexts, they develop significantly higher levels of comprehension (Block, Hasni, and Mangieri, 2005 : National Reading Panel, 2000).


4.  The children interviewed each other as their character in their realistic fiction stories.  We discussed how as an author, it is important to know their character well.  They read the story Strega Nona, and realized that this was book one in the series.  Ask your child to tell you about what they learned in book one that will help them to understand the rest of the books in the Strega Nona series.