Mrs. Plumley

Welcome to Mrs. Plumley's Class Webpage

Welcome, students and families.  I am working on putting my webpage together.  There are parts that have been started, but many parts are under construction.  I will be adding throughout the year, but I am learning webpage design as I go, so thank you for understanding.

I have been at Essex Elementary school for over 7 years now.  All but one of those years I have been teaching 4th grade.  I spent one year teaching math in 6th grade.  Before working at Essex Elementary, I was lucky enough to be home with my children while they were young. I began my teaching career at Daisy Ingraham School in Westbrook.  I taught 4th grade and 5th grade at that school.  

My first career, though brief, was in marketing.  I was an assistant to a marketing forecaster for one company and then in marketing promotions for another company.  I decided that wasn't for me and went back to school to become a teacher. I am glad I made that choice!  Working with my students every day is much more fun,  and I enjoy seeing them learn throughout the year.  

I am married and have two teenage daughters.  One daughter is a freshman in college and the other is a sophomore at Haddam-Killingworth High School.  We like to travel as a family and explore new places.  I love to read, spend time with my family, try new recipes, and do scrapbooking.  

If at any time you have any questions for me or you need to meet, I am available both before and after school for phone calls or to meet in person.  You can also email me  I am looking forward to another wonderful year with my class.