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2018-2019 Specials Schedule:
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Dear Parents,

Happy Spring!  The next few months are busy ones for the first graders with many new and exciting units of study.  Here are some highlights from first grade this month!

Reading- We will begin our next unit where we will join our characters on their adventures and get to know them better through their actions and feelings.  The students will be great detectives looking for clues in how their characters look in the pictures, how they act and how they talk. We will also be on the lookout for messages and lessons within the stories we are reading.  The students will make connections between books based on what lesson or message comes up. It could be “friends help each other out”, “don’t give up” or simply, “be kind”.

Writing- This month students will be writing to share their opinions. They will learn to independently plan and write a piece to share and explain an opinion. Instruction will focus on including an introduction and conclusion that shows an awareness of audience. Students will also learn to use multiple details to elaborate on and support their opinions.

Math- Students continue to build number sense and gain fluency with addition and subtraction to 20.  Students will use the number rack to model and solve number combinations and story problems of all types.  In the process, they learn how to write and solve equations that involve unknowns in all positions and determine whether addition and subtraction equations are true or false.

Students will also have a chance to exercise their critical thinking and problem solving skills while measuring and comparing the heights and lengths of various objects..

Science-Sometime in the second half of April, caterpillars will be arriving in first grade!  As part of our science unit on life cycles, we will be observing them as they transform into butterflies.  Goals for the unit include understanding the different stages of a butterfly’s life and understanding the needs of all living creatures.  Children will also gain skills in observing, describing and recording observations as they watch the changes in the caterpillars.  They will make connections and comparisons with the growth of other living things.

Our salmon eggs hatched and we now have many “alevin” swimming in our tank.  The kids have enjoyed observing them and look forward to releasing them on May 2nd!

Strategic Plan-To support the school strategic planning process this month, the students will focus on the following high leverage skills to support higher order thinking:

*construct arguments for specific purposes incorporating data, definitions, and established results

*listen, view, or read arguments and render opinions supported by information and/or experiences

Important Dates:

April 10th - Cultural Arts Performance  2:00pm

April 12th - Author Visit

April 12th - 1:00 dismissal for students

April 15-19 - Spring Recess

April 22- School is NOT in session (snowflake day)

April 23 - School IS in Session

April 26th - PTO Sponsored Family Dance Party  5:30-7:00pm

May 2nd - Salmon release field trip to Salmon River