Mrs. Parakilas

Welcome to Mrs. Parakilas's Class!

2018-2019 Specials Schedule:
A Day-Library       B Day-Music       C Day-P.E.     D Day-Art

Let us begin with a few thank yous!  

We enjoyed meeting with all of you during the October conference days to discuss your child’s learning style and review his/her adjustment to the First Grade Program. Together, we create a positive partnership for promoting learning and growing happy children.  In addition, we appreciate your support regarding the Home/School Reading Program. The daily reading builds a sense of confidence and sends a clear message that reading is important. While reading, encourage your child to make a prediction before reading using their schema (what they already know) and clues from the title and cover illustration.  After reading several pages, you can ask your child to “check for understanding” by sharing who was in the part and what happened to this person or thing. Check for Understanding has been practiced in class and is a simple, concrete way to monitor comprehension.


This month’s Number Corner workouts delve into fractions (wholes, halves, and fourths) and telling time to the hour!  Do you have an analog clock in your house or just digital ones?

We continue to work our way through Unit 2 which focuses on developing addition and subtraction strategies.  Specific strategies we are focusing on are doubling, counting on, and counting back to solve combinations within 12.  These strategies are reinforced during daily lessons and in our math Work Places.

We will also begin Unit 3 this month.  Unit 3 continues to encourage mastery of key number facts and fact strategies for single-digit addition and subtraction.  The first two modules teach students to recognize specific number combinations (combos of 10), work within fact families, and recognize how knowing if a number is odd or even can help.


In November, our Science unit is “The Apparent Movement of the Sun”.  The students will enjoy working with their shadows, tracing them, and predicting where they may turn up next depending on the position of the sun.  Prior to starting this unit, the students will be asked to start thinking about what science is, what scientists do and what tools they use, and learning about the scientific method and inquiry.

As the cold weather approaches and you are looking for more indoor activities to do with your child think about those that promote their fine motor skills and aid in improving hand strength and dexterity.  A few games that you might want to consider include jacks, pick-up sticks, marbles, building with blocks, and puzzles. Knitting and sewing projects are also good tools for manual dexterity. Coloring books and crayons or colored pencils will assist in placement and control.

Educational Websites for First Graders

If you are looking for some educational websites to use at home with your child check out the following: (A ton of phonemic awareness and reading activities.) (Reading, writing, math , you name it!)  (Click on the math link and then Flashcards for great fact practice!)

We encourage you to check these out with your child first and enjoy!

A few November dates to remember:

Wednesday, November 14 - Flu Shot Clinic at EES in the gym 2:00-6:00pm

Wednesday, Thursday & Friday, November 21st-23rd – Thanksgiving Break – No School

Have a happy and healthy November!


The Grade 1 Team