Behavioral and Learner Expectations
Together as a class we created the following Behavioral and Learner Expectations (Classroom Rules) as a means to create a safe and comfortable classroom community!  
When the students follow these expected behaviors, they earn stickers.  When a child earns 10, 20 or 30 stickers, they choose a reward from the Great Job! Choice Chart

Help your friends!

Play with your friends nicely.

Keep your hands to yourself.

Be kind to others in the class.

No hitting or pushing!

No biting.

Work together and no fighting.

Raise your hand to speak!

Always be a BUCKET FILLER!

Always ask before you use something.

Ask before you borrow something that belongs to someone else.

Use walking feet.

Include others when you are working or playing.

Always use kind words when you talk to a friend.

Don't be a bully.

Always use a quiet, inside voice. 

Make a good choice in line.

Show, Don't Tell! 

Your THOUGHT BUBBLE should be thinking about the topic.

Your SPEECH BUBBLE  should stick to the point of the group plan.

Don't give up and ask for HELP! 

Listen Carefully!