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First Grade News 



Dear Parents,

Happy Spring!  We hope you all had an adventurous and relaxing Spring Recess!  The next few months are busy ones for the first graders with many new and exciting units of study.  Here are some highlights from first grade this month!

Reading-We will be finishing our unit on the reading comprehension strategy of Visualizing and begin to focus on Questioning and Wondering.  Students will listen to stories and be given the opportunity to ask relevant questions before, during and after hearing the text.  This strategy helps them to set a purpose for their reading and helps them be more thoughtful readers.  Students will be keeping track of their questions and will be able to share them with their classmates. In nonfiction, students will also be learning to identify the main idea of a text and locating supporting details.

Writing- This month students will be writing to share their opinions. They will learn to independently plan and write a piece to share and explain an opinion. Instruction will focus on including an introduction and conclusion that shows an awareness of audience. Students will also learn to use multiple details to elaborate on and support their opinions.

Math- Students continue to build number sense and gain fluency with addition and subtraction by solving problems and playing games containing an unknown addend. When solving these types of problems, students are asked to visualize and discuss the problem prior to solving so that they can identify the action of the problem and what it is asking. Students will then represent their work with a standard equation, picture, and a sentence explaining their answer. Students will also be solving “Crayon Problems” in which they must come up with addition equations that equal a given number and adhere to a set of clues that are given.

Science-Sometime in the second half of April, caterpillars will be arriving in first grade!  As part of our science unit on life cycles, we will be observing them as they transform into butterflies.  Goals for the unit include understanding the different stages of a butterfly’s life and understanding the needs of all living creatures.  Children will also gain skills in observing, describing and recording observations as they watch the changes in the caterpillars.  They will make connections and comparisons with the growth of other living things.

Strategic Plan-To support the school strategic planning process this month, the students will focus on the following high leverage skills to support higher order thinking:

         *construct arguments for specific purposes incorporating data, definitions, and established results

         *listen, view, or read arguments and render opinions supported by information and/or experiences



Important Dates:

April 21st - PTO Sponsored Dance Party, 6:00-8:00pm

April 27th –Night of the Arts

         Art Show 5-6:30

         Hat Show 5:30-6:00

         Spring Concert 6:30