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Listening to the book
Only One You and discussing how we are each unique and special. Then we drew self-portraits to highlight and celebrate our differences. (Look for these pictures to be displayed in the hallway when you come for Curriculum Night!)

2. Reading books in three different ways. We learned that you can read the pictures, read the words, and retell a familiar story. We worked on building our reading stamina during Read to Self time.          

3. Counting by ones, twos, and fives in math. We also played Flash and Build in which we used popsicle sticks as tally marks to practice counting on from groups of five.      

4. Making “All About Me” books. We wrote about our families, our favorites, and our likes and dislikes in school.      

5. Reviewing letter sounds and formations in word work. This week we focused on the letters t, f, b, n, m, i, and u. We also discussed the difference between consonants and vowels.