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1.Beginning our new social studies unit on school community. This week we began studying our school promise and we focused on being responsible and respectful.

2. Introducing schema to our reading lessons. We learned that schema is what is already in our heads (past experiences, books we’ve read, people we know) and that we can use it while reading to make connections.         

3. Measuring the length of items in the classroom using popsicle sticks and Unifix cubes. First we had to make an estimate and then we had to measure and record the actual measurements. 

4. Revising and editing our best pieces of writing to prepare for our first writing celebration. Our editing focused on capitals at the beginning of the sentence, punctuation at the end, and spaces between our words.

5. Using the “tapping” strategy to spell as well as read words. We also introduced our first three “trick” words: a, and, the.