Mrs. Kluz
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Welcome to Mrs. Kluz's class! 
My name is Beth Kluz and I am beginning my fifteenth year of teaching here at Essex Elementary School. I bring into my classroom a passion for teaching and learning as well as the belief that all children can succeed. I am excited to have your child as a member of my class and am looking forward to the year ahead. Welcome to First Grade!

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September News Welcome Back

Dear Parents,

Welcome back! We are very excited about the year ahead and look forward to working with you to help make this a successful and fulfilling year for your child.


First graders are off to a busy start as they meet new friends, adjust to new routines, and delve into the first grade curriculum. Read on for some of the things we will be focusing on in September.  


Social Studies:

Lessons and activities in each first grade class are focusing on the ideas of acceptance and friendship, allowing students to learn more about and appreciate their new classmates. Classroom rules and expectations are being put into place as a way to develop safe, comfortable and inviting classrooms.

Reading and Writing:

We begin the year by revisiting the “Reading Life.” Classes are discussing and reviewing the strategies good readers use and also how to choose appropriate and interesting books from classroom libraries. Each child received a book box to fill with books at his/her independent reading level. Daily Book Box reading time will allow for practice and reinforcement of learned reading strategies. 

Spelling and Phonics:

We are excited to be utilizing the Fundations Program in first grade this year. Fundations provides a systematic and explicit approach to reading and spelling with phonics. The program also addresses fluency, vocabulary development, and comprehension. This month we will be focusing on routines and procedures as well as reviewing the sequence of the alphabet, letter formation from a to z, and the letter name, a keyword and sound for the consonants and short vowels. In addition, each child received his/her own journal that allows for independent practice and application of what the children are learning.


We are excited to be implementing a new math program this year called Bridges.  This program is fully aligned to the Common Core State Standards and allows the opportunity for students to engage in whole class, small group and independent activities that teach and reinforce specific first grade math concepts.  We will be sharing more about this wonderful new program with you on Curriculum night.