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Welcome to Mrs. Kluz's class! 
My name is Beth Kluz and I am beginning my fourteenth year of teaching here at Essex Elementary School. I bring into my classroom a passion for teaching and learning as well as the belief that all children can succeed. I am excited to have your child as a member of my class and am looking forward to the year ahead. Welcome to First Grade!

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December NewsSnowman

Dear Parents,

     We hope you are all enjoying this lovely holiday season.  Can you believe 2017 is quickly approaching?  The first graders have been a busy bunch lately!  Here are some highlights.

Reading: Students are becoming more aware of the importance of non-fiction as we read and explore various non-fiction texts.  They are discovering and identifying non-fiction text features and are learning that they can gain knowledge about the world around them by reading these informational texts.  They are also having the opportunity to compare and contrast texts on the same topic to deepen their understanding as well as make meaningful predictions of texts they are reading.  

Writing:  Our current focus in writing is also on non-fiction.  Students have been and will continue to work on writing their own non-fiction books on topics they are familiar with.  They are choosing topics they already have knowledge of and are using writing as a means to teach others.

Math: We just concluded our Geometry study by exploring various shapes and comparing and contrasting them based on their characteristics.  As we move forward, students will practice solving both addition and subtraction story problems.  Through whole class and independent exercises, the students will build strategies to help them accurately and efficiently solve these types of math problems.  The children will also engage in numerous hands on activities and games, which will reinforce and allow them to practice these learned strategies.

Math Homework:  Math fact practice has become a daily occurrence in all first grade classrooms.  Math homework will begin on Monday, December 5th, and for now, will be two nights a week that you choose.  To start, students will bring home a set of math fact flashcards and a list of Internet websites and apps.  We ask students to practice one of these on two selected nights for 10 minutes each week (although practice on additional nights is encouraged) and return the signed Math Homework Recording Log to school on Friday with their Reading back so we can see that the assignment has been completed. Please look for these materials and additional information regarding math homework to come home on Monday, December 5th.

Social Studies: The goal of our first grade social studies program is to recognize and respect the commonality and diversity of people.  Students will have the opportunity to visit the other first grade classes to learn about different winter holidays.  Our goal is to expand their thinking about the many, varied ways people around the world celebrate holidays.


1. Children must have boots and snow pants to play in the snow.  As the temperature continues to drop, warm clothing is necessary. (hats, gloves, scarf, etc.)

2. We understand that the holidays bring joy and excitement as well as many events and gatherings.  However, it is very important to try to keep routines as normal as possible during the school week.  Routine and consistency help children feel comfortable and secure.

Have a safe and happy holiday season!


                              The Grade One Team