Physical Education

We are having a FANTASTIC year of learning and enjoying physical activity!!! 

Reminder to parents now that spring has arrived: The fields are often wet with dew for our 3rd-6th graders during their scheduled class time in the morning. The amount of morning dew on the grass depends on the temperature, humidity, amount of sunshine and wind, etc. Since we have no control over these factors, we suggest students in these grades bring in, or leave in their homeroom, an extra pair of socks and/or footwear to switch into after physical education class. Please also be aware that much of our field was once marshland and we have drainage issues after it rains. For certain units, we do try to get outside as long as it is safe, so extra socks and/or footwear come in handy, especially for students in grades 3-6. Many exciting, fun and beneficial physical activities cannot be done inside the gym, plus there is the added bonus of students getting some fresh air and vitamin D to boot! Thank you for your support in helping your child be prepared for physical education on their letter day. It is greatly appreciated!