Higher Order Thinking

Higher Order Thinking Skills In Our Physical Education Program

The EES physical education department is proud to be a part of Region 4’s 5 Year Strategic Planning Process. Students are given opportunities during physical education to: make meaningful and purposeful connections through communication and collaboration, analyze and construct arguments based on evidence, make critical and creative problem-solving strategies, and obtain digital literacy and information.

Walk into any physical education class and you will see students demonstrating respect, interacting positively with others and reacting appropriately to varying conditions and situations. Essex Elementary students have many opportunities during class time to self-assess their performance and formulate their own individual plans to improve their skills. Video analysis is used to help critique our skills through the use of ipads. Many of our students are strong visual learners and this visual technology is a wonderful teaching and learning tool.

Team building activities are used to increase our problem-solving abilities, enabling us to develop more effective strategies and improve our communication skills. Becoming more skillful collaborators is an important focus in our physical education program.