CT Physical Fitness Assessment

Connecticut Physical Fitness Assessment

All fourth and sixth grade students are required to take the state mandated Connecticut Physical Fitness Assessment each fall. The objective of this assessment is for students to learn the concepts and process of fitness assessment to determine their current levels of health related fitness. We hope that students will utilize this knowledge to stay physically active and maintain an appropriate level of health related fitness throughout their life.

The four assessment components are:

1.) Sit and reach (to measure the flexibility of the lower back and hamstring muscles)

2.) Curl-ups (to measure abdominal strength and abdominal

3.) 90 degree Push-ups (to measure upper body strength and upper body endurance)

4.) One mile run/walk (to measure cardio-respiratory endurance)

At school, students have been working hard on their conditioning during physical education classes, as recommended by the State Department of Education. I have been very impressed with the positive attitudes and effort students have shown in preparing for this challenging fitness assessment. Our emphasis is on doing one's best! At Essex Elementary, we believe it is important to help develop a student's positive self-image, as well as to provide students with realistic data about their performance, encouraging them to improve and helping them to succeed.

 An individualized report will be sent home to all 4th and 6th grade parents. Please call or email me at school if you have any questions, concerns or suggestions. Thank you for your support!