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2019-2020 Specials Schedule:
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First Grade

October News


Dear Parents,

   Meeting all of you at Curriculum Night was a pleasure and we look forward to seeing you again during the October conferences. Parent-Teacher Conferences will be on October 17th and 18th. Please remember that conference days are single session days with dismissal at 1:00 pm. Students will have lunch at school.  Forms for conferences will be coming home soon.

   Homework in Grade 1 will begin this month! Children will be bringing home a Home/School Reading bag with books at their “just right” reading level.  Please remember that the books being brought home are “Just Right Books” - books your child should read with ease.  They are meant to increase confidence, provide an opportunity for independent practice of the reading strategies they are learning in school, as well as build fluency.  Later this school year, students will begin bringing home math homework.  Further information will be provided when that time comes.

As we continue to build phonemic awareness skills using our new Units of Study in Phonics, students will be working on sound manipulations as well as blending, reading, segmenting and spelling short vowel words.  They have also been introduced to recognize, read, and spell words with blends and digraphs.  Students will also focus on adding capitalization and punctuation to their writing and we will establish proofreading procedures for independent use in their writing.

In math, students will focus on building confidence with effective and efficient strategies for adding and subtracting single-digit numbers.  They will utilize dice and dominoes to become better at subitizing numbers (the ability to recognize the quantity represented in a set without having to count each individual object in the set).  They will utilize strategies to help them solve problems, such as, counting on, combining small groups of numbers within larger numbers, building from known facts, using double facts to solve other addition problems and counting by 5’s and 10’s.  The students will also begin to take a close look at various fact families.  

In social studies this month, students are learning about the Essex Elementary School Community, including all of its members, as well as the important role they play within it to make it so successful. Students will also continue their work with the school promise discussing how they can be responsible, respectful, prepared, safe, and kind each day.  

Another focus this year will be to increase the students’ ability to build their Critical Thinking and Creative Problem Solving skills.  Throughout various lessons and interactions the students will be encouraged to identify problems, come up with various solutions, carry out some of their ideas, and then think critically back on the process.  We’ll keep you posted!

To end on a sweet note...many of the First Graders are excited for the opportunity to buy ice cream and other treats in the cafeteria this year.  These treats are sold for cash only and can not be put on their tickets. Just so you are aware, some are choosing to eat these treats over some of their lunch even though they are strongly encouraged to eat their healthy lunches first.  It might be a great idea to choose one day a week for this special treat instead of daily.


        The Grade One Team

October Highlights

October 6 - Harvest Festival 12:00-4:00pm at EES

October 9 - No School in honor of Yom Kippur

October 14 - No School (Professional Development)

October 17 & 18– Parent Teacher Conferences (1:00 dismissal)

October 17 & 18 - PTO Book Fair

October 23 - Fire Prevention Program

October 31- Halloween Parade at 2:00 PM