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March Newsletter

1st Grade

Reading and Writing

This month first grade students will continue utilizing tools to help them better understand the text. Students have learned to check for understanding as they read through texts. If they do not understand or remember what they have read, they need to go back and reread. Another tool students have learned to utilize is creating a movie in their minds as they reread (visualizing). In addition, students have been learning to keep track of who is talking in the text as a way to understand what is happening. During writing lessons students have begun writing opinion pieces. They will be learning to state their opinion, write an introduction, support their opinion with several reasons, and then write a conclusion to their pieces. While we will begin to introduce opinion writing, we  continue to incorporate non-fiction text into whole class and small group instruction. 


In math students will continue to work on geometry as they draw 2-D shapes and build 3-D shapes. To further develop their critical thinking skills, students will use two or more geometric shapes to create a new composite shape or figure. In this unit, students will also begin to explore ways to split shapes into equal parts or shares as a foundation for understanding fractions. Students will learn that there is often more than one way to split a shape into equal parts and will learn to describe the parts as halves, thirds, fourths, and quarters and to read and write the fraction notation. 


The students have started their Light and Sound Unit and are excited to learn more!  In this unit, students explore light and sound by discovering how light helps us see, how light travels, how sound is made, and how sound travels.  Students will combine both light and sound to find out about the ways people use light and sound to send messages.

March Homework

This month we are asking you to record the number of books read instead of nights read.  Students are to color one stripe on the hats for each book (or chapter) read.  It is extra important this month to record reading homework as we are having a schoolwide and grade-level competition!  The First Grade Classroom with the most books read will earn a pizza party from the PTO!

Also, p lease remember to turn in reading homework bags on Friday and to turn in math homework sheets as they are completed. Thank you for your continued support!

Important Dates:  

March 19th & 20th- Early Dismissal For Parent Teacher Conferences

and PTO Book Fair!

Mrs. O’Connor and Mrs. Parakilas