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   First Grade News

                           December 2019


Dear Parents,

      We hope you are all enjoying this lovely holiday season.  Can you believe 2020 is quickly approaching? The first graders have been a busy bunch lately!  Here are some highlights.


Reading: Students will become more aware of the importance of non-fiction as we read and explore various non-fiction texts.  They will discover and identify non-fiction text features and will learn that they can gain knowledge about the world around them by reading these informational texts.  They will have the opportunity to compare and contrast texts on the same topic to deepen their understanding as well as make meaningful predictions of texts they are reading.  


Writing:  Our focus in writing will also be on non-fiction.  Students will work on writing their own non-fiction books on topics they are familiar with.  They are choosing topics they already have knowledge of and are using writing as a means to teach others.


Math: We recently began our new math unit entitled Adding, Subtracting , Counting and Comparing.  Throughout this unit, students will practice efficient math strategies to add and subtract within 10 and 20, they will build an understanding of place value with tens and ones and they will also solve addition and subtraction story problems using pictures, numbers and words.  We will continue to use the number rack to find the sums of two numbers and compare two numbers to find the difference between them.  

Math Homework: Math homework will begin this month!  Along with the homework, these two free apps are useful tools to help your child build basic number sense: 10 Frame Fill and Number Flash.  In addition to those, all students have their own accounts through the website IXL and login information has been sent home with each of them.  This is a great way for students to practice learned math skills and concepts and this website allows them to move at their own pace. If you have any questions regarding these, please contact your child’s teacher.  


Social Studies: The goal of our first grade social studies program is to recognize and respect the commonality and diversity of people.  Students will have the opportunity to visit the other first grade class to learn about different winter holidays. Our goal is to expand their thinking about the many, varied ways people around the world celebrate holidays.



1. Children must have boots and snow pants to play in the snow.  As the temperature continues to drop, warm clothing is necessary. (hats, gloves, scarf, etc.)

2. We understand that the holidays bring joy and excitement as well as many events and gatherings.  However, it is very important to try to keep routines as normal as possible during the school week.  Routine and consistency help children feel comfortable and secure.



Have a safe and happy holiday season!



                          The Grade One Team