Critical Thinking and Creative Problem Solving Skills

Our focus continues to be developing critical and creative problem solving skills with all K-6 students. We practice and develop these important skills in all of our phys. ed. lessons and units. Physical education by nature is experiential learning- the process of learning through hands-on experience and reflecting upon those experiences.

In our scooter skills unit, each kindergarten student came up with a favorite way of traveling, a new way they had never tried before and a difficult way of moving through space while dodging others. First graders practiced traveling on their scooters in various movement pathways; straight, curved, zig-zag, spiral and then drew their own creative pathways before trying them out, choosing what body parts to balance on. Second graders focused on the overhand throw in their throwing and catching skills unit. Students worked on a self and peer checklist to help them understand the sequential steps of executing an overhand throw, in addition to playing a wide variety of high energy cooperative and competitive games. Our third graders were busy critiquing their jump rope form and techniques in order to figure out how to make improvements in their skills. In this unit, students had fun jumping individually, with a partner and in small groups with a long rope. Our intermediate students participated in a basketball skills unit focusing on passing, catching, dribbling, rebounding and shooting skills. Students self and peer-assess to help make improvements based on evidence. Physical education provides a collaborative learning environment which cultivates critical thinking, promotes creative problem solving and develops team-building skills.